Who said you need a full band to make a good performance? Well, the concept of the one-man band has been around for quite some time, but nowadays with technology, processors and video editing we no longer need to go around the streets carrying a bass drum on our backs and cymbals strapped to our legs. Now we can simply record samples of an instrument as a base and loop them while recording other instruments on top. You can even clone yourself and make a duet with your clone!

And that is exactly what musician Jared Dines did to bring us this simple yet very complete cover of Song of Time, one of the many favorite themes for a lot of people, myself included. Including acoustic and electric guitars, bass, and even ukulele, these string instruments layer on top of each other, offering their own rendition of the short but memorable melody, creating a combination of styles that is definitely sure to take you back in time to the first time you listened to it!