I’ve always held a special place in my iTunes Library for “The Great Sea Theme” from The Wind Waker. Occasionally, I play this theme when I am driving my scrappy green 1998 Subaru Impreza. The music makes me feel like I am about to embark on a big journey, even if I am driving to the neighborhood drug store.

Playing the Great Sea theme has made driving feel like a grand adventure, but the experience would be perfect if the Maritime Battle soundtrack automatically played whenever a bad driver approaches me. In the state that I live there is no limit on bad drivers; they are as common as rats in the New York Subway system, coming in all shapes and sizes. Pickup trucks are often the most dangerous vehicles and to hear enemy music whenever I approach them would give me the appropriate feeling of caution. Maybe I could install a cannon on top of my car — but then things might feel more like Grand Theft Auto than the Legend of Zelda.

When driving in terrible weather, I like to play “The Cursed Sea Theme.” This theme is only played when Link is sailing through the great storm Ganon created to destroy Greatfish Isle. Just like Link, “The Cursed Sea Theme” creates a strange intensity that gives me the determination to get where I need to go despite the terrible weather.

I don’t know if I would recommend anyone to try playing these themes while driving. Some people can easily get distracted and safety should come above all else. Anyone trying this should have a backup plan in the event that listening to the same music looping over and over again can get annoying as well. But to those who are big fans of The Wind Waker and want to feel like they are on the Great Sea, this may be as close as anyone can get to the experience without a little red boat.