One of the concepts that interested me when A Link Between Worlds was announced was the inclusion of an alternate reality with counterparts to Hyrule, especially since we got to see Zelda’s parallel early on. Even before the game’s release, we were already getting wonderful fan art of Hilda and Zelda together, like nna’s piece, “Wisdom’s Mirror”.

I always love artwork where these two are depicted as opposites, but equally as graceful. Aside from the inverted alignment of the characters, there are also more subtle details such as how Zelda’s eyes are closed and Hilda’s are open. The overall color scheme each character takes on contrast beautifully as Hilda is portrayed in a purple hue and Zelda is given a golden glow.

I really do wish there was more interaction between these two than just the finale. Luckily, we have pieces like this to fill that void. Still, it makes me curious: Though Hilda was only looking out for her people, she took drastic measures which ultimately lead to her fall. If only she had sought out Zelda’s kindness sooner, perhaps things would have been different.