The Games Done Quick (GDQ) marathons play host to a multitude of amazing speedruns spanning every genre you can imagine, and the upcoming summer marathon, taking place in a couple of months, is no exception. GDQ has recently released their schedule for the event and it is packed with Legend of Zelda speedruns. Beginning June 24 at 12:30pm EST, the event will last until the early morning of July 1.

While I greatly encourage everyone to watch as much of the marathon as you can, many don’t have the luxury. So if you’re partial to Zelda runs the list below contains all of the Zelda titles scheduled to appear. Please note: The following times are approximate and may change depending on how ahead or behind schedule the marathon is.

Sunday, June 24

  • 7:30pm – Majora’s Mask 3D Any% by gymnast86

Wednesday, June 27

  • 2:35am – Skyward Sword Any% by gymnast86
  • 5:50pm – Four Swords Adventures Any% by Zmaster91

Thursday, June 28

Friday, June 29

  • 7:50pm – Wind Waker HD Any% by Linkus7

Saturday, June 30

Seven different Zelda speedruns in one marathon isn’t too bad! The Ocarina of Time Bingo in particular should be a fun watch. Runners of this category get a randomly generated Bingo card with different tasks to complete. The objective is to score a Bingo, so participants have to formulate routes on the fly and plan how to get a Bingo as quickly as possible.

If you’re curious about other runs in the marathon, check out this year’s SGDQ schedule. What games are you looking forward to seeing?

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