Having overtaken 5 years’ worth of Wii U sales in less than a year, it appears that the desire for Nintendo‚Äôs versatile console, Nintendo Switch, is still evergreen.

The industry-tracking NPD results for January show that hardware sales have doubled year-on-year, with an incredible $278 million being spent on gaming hardware planet-wide. The PlayStation 4 took pole position in regards to monetary sales, but the Switch happily sold the most amount of units to create an ever-expanding install base Nintendo will be more than happy to see.

Only a 3% sales gap existed between the top three best-selling platforms, proving that competition is healthy and Nintendo is enjoying “playing with power”, jostling hard with PlayStation and Xbox.

After a forgettable Wii U era, this is positive news for the Nintendo brand, one that is still very relevant in contemporary society globally, which is impressive when you consider that the company is old enough to remember 1889.

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