Some of the best and catchiest themes in the Legend of Zelda series are the overworld themes. It’s here that the music needs to be special because these themes are the most often heard music in the games. Two of my favorite overworld themes are Hyrule Field from Ocarina of Time, and Termina Field from Majora’s Mask.

I consider these two themes to be traveling music, with a few minor differences. Termina Field’s quicker pace stands in contrast to Hyrule Field’s diverse nature, adjusting to the situation at hand. Termina Field’s quicker pace makes sense because of the three-day mechanic in Majora’s Mask that puts the player under a time limit.

Meanwhile, the Hyrule Field theme becomes tense whenever you are facing off against an enemy and the music becomes more upbeat when you are running through the field. The best part of this theme comes in when you are still and decide to look around in first-person mode, where the music will adjust accordingly to become more relaxing because it knows you are trying to enjoy the scenery.

Termina Field doesn’t do anything like that as it plays. It does have the distinction of playing in an area after you lift whatever curse was on it. That’s the game’s way of telling you that things are back to normal here and you can now look around the area and find things you may not have been able to do before when the area was cursed.

Overall, both themes are great, but Ocarina of Time‘s overworld theme stands out because I often would find myself staying in the fields longer just to try and activate the different versions of the theme.