Terrible puns aside, UK company Shika Arcades is in the process of producing what may be the arcade stick to have for the SNES and Super Famicon consoles. The kicker? It’s comprised primarily of bamboo.

The SOZU.S1 arcade stick features premium Sanwa parts for the joystick and buttons, while being made out of premium bamboo. It also sports some features fans of fighting games will surely appreciate, such as column switches for easy button remapping and rapid turbo fire. It should be noted this stick will set you back £450, or roughly $640. This price is for the Limited First Edition Package and comes with several additions, such as a certificate of authenticity and a limited edition T-shirt.

If you’re curious about the arcade stick, Shika Arcades produced a video showing its parts and capabilities.

Ed Taylor, founder of Shika Arcades, explains on the website that the arcade stick came to be due to his frustration with the controller experience while playing Pocky & Rocky (a multi-directional scrolling shooter). He pined for the precision an arcade stick could provide and so began his mission of creating the perfect arcade experience for SNES fans. His ultimate goal was a beautiful controller with the function and quality of an arcade cabinet.

This aspiration is why the SOZU.S1 is made from only the finest materials and Sanwa parts. Taylor also states every unit is produced by him to ensure they are as perfect as possible. However, this makes production and manufacturing a lengthy process, meaning the release of the arcade stick will be staggered. The First Edition versions of SOZU.S1 will be released in small batches of 20 units until 100 have been sold.

Due to the limited number of First Edition units, it’s advised to subscribe so you can be continuously updated on news and stock updates. You can subscribe by visiting their site and scrolling to the bottom of the page.