It’s probably a fair notion that, while Super Mario Maker was an amazing game and tool, fans of it started to immediately want similar treatments given to their other favorite NES games. While many unofficial fan-projects are trying to recreate this experience, one developer is trying to recapture the feel of multiple games at once. If you’ve ever wanted a Zelda maker, we suggest you keep an eye on Super Retro Maker.

Many NES and SNES era games appear to be represented here: Castlevania, Mega Man, and Metroid all are clearly influencing the design both visually and structurally. From power-ups, to combat styles, and graphics, it’s all coming together in a way that let’s players build their own levels based around familiar gameplay mechanics.

It doesn’t sound like an exact clone of Super Mario Maker, however. Speaking in an interview with Siliconera, developer Dan Beenfeldt spoke on some of the features he’s hoping to add.

“If you want an enemy to do something specific, you can take control of it, do what you want, and Super Retro Maker can record and then later playback that action in your stage.  With that one intuitive feature, we open up a lot of possibilities,  from simply timing turret shots all the way up to creating in-game cinematics.”

Where Super Mario Maker was about building singular levels, developers at Digital Dominion are looking to give creators a way to link worlds together through a world map, and even create a massive world similar to “Metroidvania”-type games. To assist with this, they’re also including a campaign mode that teaches you about the functionality of the items you’ll be using to build levels.

Beenfeldt also mentions in some replies to questions on his YouTube videos that they’re planning on doing a whole lot more with the system.

“We’re focusing on side-scrolling platformers for now, but would like to add other styles after release (think RPG, overhead, shmup, etc…)…  And we’ve got a few surprises to reveal before launch too.”

Hopefully down the line we could even start recreating games like A Link to the Past! Currently, it’s an already interesting looking game in alpha stages of development, and we hope to see it become bigger and better as time goes on.

Source Siliconera
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