The final “Tips from the Wild” update for 2017 is here! This update is all about Guardians, specifically how to differentiate between them. While there are different types of Guardians scattered around Hyrule, there are also some differences which can be gleaned based on their coloration.

Typically when you think of Guardians, you might imagine the red lights beaming from their Jōmon pottery-inspired exteriors. The Guardians which glow red are corrupted by Ganon — which is why they start hurling laser blasts when Link gets too close — but did you notice the coloration of the Guardians found in various trials and shrines? These Guardians emit an orange glow, which means that they haven’t been corrupted by Ganon’s power. While they will still attack Link, these Guardians were put in place specifically for the trials, and are carrying out the orders assigned to them by the Sheikah Monks all those years ago.

If you’d like some help taking down Guardians, this update has some helpful items for you! Launching Breath of the Wild from the News channel will gift you with two Ancient Screws, an Ancient Shaft, and an Arrow. Using these items, you can craft an Ancient Arrow, which can destroy Guardians of all sizes if fired directly into their eye — just be sure not to miss!

Catch up on our previous “Tips from the Wild” updates, and head forth into the coming year with the confidence to overcome anything. Good luck on your adventures, and here’s to plenty more in 2018!