Christmas is a time that, for many people, is about being with those they love. It’s about family spending quality time together, and about bringing joy to others. Thinking about it, it’s a shame that there’s no proper Christmas season in the Zelda franchise, because it would be fun to see how families throughout the world would celebrate.

In the meantime, we can appreciate the numerous family relationships throughout the series. Hadece‘s artwork titled “Private Concert” captures one such relationship beautifully: Darmani and the Elder’s Son, and in a wintery setting no less! It’s a perfect reminder of that special Christmas feeling.

There’s so much that I love about this piece. First things first, it’s drawn beautifully. The soft lines and cool beige tones create a real gentle vibe, while the strong shadows and speckles of snowflakes make me think that a fire is providing light and warmth to the two during a cold wintery night. It generates such a warm, soothing environment that emphasises the loving relationship between the two Gorons. It also contrasts wonderfully with the hulking figure of Darmani to show he is not just a mighty Goron, but also a caring spirit and tender parental figure to the Goron child. His body appears relaxed, absorbed in patting the drums, while he watches the Elder’s Son with stern yet loving eyes.

private concert hadece

The sweetest, most heartwarming aspect of the piece is of course the Elder’s Son, who we can see unquestionably adores Darmani. The way that he looks up at him with glistening eyes and places one tiny hand on his huge arm makes him appear so full of admiration and love. The abstract style in which Hadece drew the drums further encapsulates just how much the Elder’s Son is enamoured by Darmani and his music.

The drums completely encircle them both, which represents how the music and Darmani fully capture the little Goron’s attention. No doubt Darmani’s gentle drum taps, just as they do in the game, generate a soothing song that fills the Elder’s Son with warmth and pure joy.

I hope your holiday season is filled with the same! Merry Christmas, all!