As of October 2017, some 4.7 million people purchased Breath of the Wild, yet every single person played the game in totally different way thanks to their own unique approaches within this beautiful, expansive open world that allows you to find your own way through obstacles and puzzles.

Nintendo UK were keen to gain the perspective of fans on how they played the game and what stood out to them to give them that warm fuzzy feeling of Zelda-fueled enjoyment.

From rafts travelling skyward, diving into a lake to take on Va Ruta, destroying a Lynel for the first time and the simple act of travelling, the fans who feature in the video enchant us with their stories and bring memories flooding back of our own adventures through the vast land of Hyrule.

The video is a great motivation to pour some more hours into Breath of the Wild on the back of the Champions’ Ballad DLC Pack and a plentiful amount of time spent with the predictably addictive Super Mario Odyssey. What are your favourite #ZeldaMoments?

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