Players returning to Breath of the Wild to enjoy The Champions’ Ballad add-on content will want to listen up for this entry from “Tips from the Wild”!

If you’ve already begun this added adventure, you’re well aware that the initial challenge will require some extra finesse. Taking advantage of your surroundings and using stealth to pick off enemies without alerting nearby lookouts will be key to your survival. This update offers items to make Sneaky Steamed Fish, a dish which will increase your stealth during these crucial moments. Launch your game from the update to receive three Silent Shrooms, a Stealthfin Trout, and a Silent Princess and turn that stealth up to the maximum.

After cleaning the challenges on the Great Plateau, you can set out to uncover more about the unknown history of the Champions. The Champions’ Ballad adds new challenges, shrines, and nine new pieces of armor which will be scattered around Hyrule. The journey won’t be easy, but those diligent enough to take on this treacherous underpinning will be rewarded with the Master Cycle Zero: a high octane mount, and the best way to get around the expansive landscape of Hyrule.

The Champions’ Ballad is available now through the Nintendo eShop on both Nintendo Switch and Wii U. Good luck out there, and be sure to stock up on extra items for those difficult moments!