Do you remember the fake Zelda game from several years ago, that stipulated Link riding motorcycles and carrying guns? Well, tonight on The Game Awards, half of that “It’ll never happen” story just came true.

The second DLC pack for Breath of the Wild, “The Champions’ Ballad”, is available tonight, and it features the Master Cycle Zero, a motorcycle made of the same Guardian-armor material that Link wears. Among other features added are several new costumes, including the Zant helmet and Ganondorf’s Ocarina of Time costume. Check out the trailer below!

In the trailer, the story from “The Champions’ Ballad” was also expanded upon, in which we see new cutscenes featuring the now-deceased Champions who fought alongside Link 100 years ago. We also had a glimpse of a new type of shrine and trident weapon.

We’re all eagerly checking our consoles so that we can start playing as soon as the DLC is released, which may be as soon as The Game Awards are over. We can’t wait to see what “The Champions’ Ballad” brings!