Recently, after The Game Awards 2017, Hidemaro Fujibayashi and Eiji Aonuma took time to answer some questions for IGN’s Andrew Goldfarb about Breath of the Wild. One standout topic from their interview is the discussion of classic Zelda items which didn’t make the cut. As fans may have often wondered how these items might have fit into the game world, it’s always intriguing to hear developers speak on the topic. One such item that was curiously absent during Link’s latest adventure was the Hookshot, a fan-favorite staple of the Zelda series.

When asked why this beloved item wasn’t included in the game, Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma said, “We did consider using [the hookshot] to climb, and then you’d parasail down, but initially when we had the hookshot [in previous Zelda games], it was always that you target something, and that was a game mechanic of itself. But that kind of defeated the purpose of what we wanted to accomplish in Breath of the Wild. With the hookshot, we always had to give it towards the end of the game, or else players could just go anywhere. But in this game, you could do that by climbing and parasailing.”

Breath of the Wild director Hidemaro Fujibayashi also added, “In the early stages of development, we did actually do some tests with double hookshots and just being able to kind of go anywhere, like Spider-Man. Your mobility and your speed was just kind of incredible. We did do some tests like that.” He also said that the Hookshot completely broke the climbing mechanic, which eventually forced him to say that the item was out of the game. Fujibayashi said, “we were just going back to what we did before, and [Breath of the Wild] is all about doing new things.”

It ultimately makes sense that these items weren’t included, given the significance of the climbing and paragliding throughout the duration of your adventure. Admittedly, the Hookshot probably wouldn’t have added much to a game that allows you to climb freely, but it’s always nice to reunite with an old friend.

Would you have preferred that the Hookshot, or the Double Hookshot, had been included? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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  • Rust

    Nonsense. You don’t have to make the Hookshot ridiculously OP long-ranged to include it. Link doesn’t need to swing around like Spider-Man to include it. You don’t have to design areas in a way that it breaks the climbing mechanic. It could fit very easily within BotW’s design style. Funny how he’s okay with other things being cartoonishly OP, though, huh?

    This is simply a non-issue that they have brain-farted into an issue for literally no good reason, much like they have with other things in the past.

    I will never respect the ridiculous cop-out explanations from Nintendo and The Pokemon Company for removing fan-loved features. The reasoning is always literally retarded if they actually believe it, or, worse, they’re insulting our intelligence if they’re making bad excuses to keep us happy.

    I’d much rather they just say, “We were focused on doing other things this time. Maybe the Hookshot will appear in a future game. Please enjoy this game for what it is and look forward to what we have coming next. :)”

  • Dave Béhard

    As much as my nostalgia and sentimentality would have wanted it! The hookshot would have ruined the feel of the game.

  • drearyworlds

    The hookshot, kinda like the square bombs, wouldn’t have had to be necessary to be included. Just another fun way to climb faster.

  • Tenshi-Ruya

    I have never heard of a “Double Hookshot” before. Double Clawshot on the other hand, I’m quite familiar with. Anyway, I would have loved to see the hookshot in Breath of the Wild. I get that they removed it, because Link can climb anywhere, but the hookshot has always had specific points to latch onto, so it’s not like you could use it all the time to cheese climbing, but whatever.

  • Andrew N Beasley

    It would have fixed a really annoying gameplay element of climbing in the rain.