Another entry in the continuing “Tips from the Wild” Switch column has been released! This entry from Breath of the Wild director Hidemaro Fujibayashi will have you taming horses like a pro, and with some stamina to spare.

If you’ve been around in Breath of the Wild’s Hyrule, you know that traveling via horse is not only fun, but also more practical than hoofing it everywhere yourself. Taming the horses you find is also crucial to the experience, allowing Link to more easily control his mount. As Mr. Fujibayashi points out this time, it is possible to more easily tame horses by feeding them Swift Carrots and Apples, essentially allowing you to buy that much-needed equestrian affection. In addition, feeding your horses some delicious Endura Carrots will give them additional stamina, temporarily boosting their stride.

Launching the game from this update will gift you a Swift Carrot, two Endura Carrots, and two Apples, for all of your horse taming needs. Be sure to pet your horses often to gain more affection, and just because they love you.

The previous ‘Tips from the Wild’ update is all about the subtle details when opening treasure chests, but the free item is pretty great too. You can still find this update too by scrolling through your News channel, and once you launch the game through it, a chest with a Gerudo Scimitar will magically appear. This isn’t an overly rare sword, but it can come in handy in a pinch with its decent attack power. It can also be used to repair a rare Gerudo weapon which can double the attack rating, if you’ve got enough diamonds and flint, of course.

Did you fall behind on “Tips from the Wild”? Worry not! We have a selection of articles right over here where you can catch up on the free tips and items being doled out weekly through the News channel on your Nintendo Switch!