Mounted archery is an interesting part of Breath of the Wild which offers a fun and unique combat experience. Practicing mounted archery, on the other hand, is somewhat tricky because while you’re just practicing, you’re also facing down real enemies who are actually trying to inflict grievous harm on you.

This week, Zelda director Hidemaro Fujibayashi returns with “Tips from the Wild” to tell you how to fix your mounted archery skills and earn some sweet equestrian accessories in the process. While the update will only gift you a paltry five arrows, it does dispense some helpful information.

Some might consider this spoiler territory, however, this article only contains information regarding a mini-game and is not at all tied to story content, so proceed as you see fit!

While in the Lake Region, near the Faron Grasslands, you could happen upon the Mounted Archery Camp. Here, you can play a neat mini-game which will test your mounted archery skills. If you can manage a high enough score, you can earn yourself a sleek Knight’s Bridle and a snazzy Knight’s Saddle which you can use in customizing your horse.

If you’re not sure how to customize your horse, just head over to a stable where there is an attendant feeding and caring for the horses. The Foothill and Highland Stables should have these attendants, depending on the in-game time. Talk to the attendant and they will offer you customization options for your horse’s mane, bridle, and saddle. Additional pieces of horse gear can be found throughout Hyrule, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for interesting options you might have overlooked!

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