Medli is, and will always be, my favorite Wind Waker character. From her happy-go-lucky attitude, to her strong will to do the right thing and help those she cares for, Medli was a character I wanted so desperately to help.

As a result, the first dungeon in Wind Waker always sticks out to me just because she was the one who I got to help in it. And while she was at it, she even made an escort-style dungeon bearable! That’s pretty awesome if you ask me!

When I saw this drawing of Medli by AnnieFeatherw8, it reminded me of everything I loved about Medli. This artwork portrays her character in a fantastic way. Even though it’s simple, it captures the essence of the character because of said simplicity. Her smile, her harp, you can just tell that Medli is that friend who loves to see you and she’d be willing to help you out in any way she can. Annie has done a fantastic job portraying this in this piece, and their style even reminds me a good bit of the cel-shaded style Wind Waker went with.

When I think about Wind Waker I always end up thinking about Medli, and the opposite rings true. Though I haven’t played Wind Waker in a long while, seeing this artwork reminds me that another playthrough of the game is very much long overdue. This piece reminds me just how powerful a drawing can be when it comes to conjuring up memories that were once forgotten.