There may be hope for fans of esports that wanted to see their favorite games represented in the Olympic games. According to a report on Siliconera, based on a posting made by The Inquirer, members of the Olympic Summit held under IOC President Thomas Bach came to an agreement that esports might be considered legitimate sport.

The main reasoning of the group was focused on the intensity of training that competitive gamers undergo when preparing for competition. The group looked at this as comparable to athletes in traditional sports, despite not being a physical activity. This could mean that future Olympics events can include esports among the showcase of competition.
A statement released after the Summit went on to include, “esports could provide a platform for engagement with the Olympic Movement.” In order for esports to become a legitimate sport, it must not infringe on any Olympic values and would need to have an organization that would watch over competitor compliances with all the rules and regulations of the Olympic Movement.
In the past, the debate about esport competitions being included among other Olympic events has always been skewed in one direction. Many citing the lack of strenuous physical activity and the recent rise of controversies within the gaming culture. But if this is the outlook of the committee who oversees the Olympics, we may see the first steps of esports finally recognized as legitimate sports to be included alongside other events at future Olympics games.
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