I pride myself on how much thought and effort I put into avoiding work. I used to think I had the ultimate setup for lazily playing my Nintendo Switch in bed. Until now.

A user by the name of Phawx on NeoGAF has uploaded a video showcasing an inventive way of enjoying the Switch.

You’ve likely seen some of the cheaper VR headsets for phones in stores, and the premise of this headset is more or less the same. Phawx created a 3D-printed visor that serves as a type of holster for your Nintendo Switch. Simply undock your Switch, tighten it into the headset with the strap, and voila! Long gone are the days of uncomfortably shifting your weight around while playing in bed.

If you’d like to craft one of these bad boys for yourself, make sure to download the necessary 3D files and tell us if you’re enjoying it!

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