Much like its predecessor, the SNES Classic is a great way to revisit older games and relive the glory days. Besides the games themselves, one of the most memorable things about them were their amazing manuals. Between the hand-drawn artwork peppered throughout the pages and the obligatory character introductions at the beginning of them, the little booklets just oozed charm. Sadly, it’s rare for physical manuals to come with games these days.

However, to my great delight, Nintendo has made the manuals for every game included with the SNES Classic available to download. By visiting the official website, you can peruse/download any of the manuals at your convenience.

Seriously, check out some of the art for A Link to the Past.

I’d also recommend reading the manuals for Super Metroid and Final Fantasy VI. Actually, they’re all brilliant. You should probably just download all of them.

Which of the twenty-one featured manuals is your favorite?