If you ever wanted to take your Nintendo Switch experience to a completely different level of awesome, then you may want to look what YouTuber Nintendrew has recently accomplished in creating. In a posting on Nintendo Life, Nintendrew has a video that guides you through creating a full-sized cabinet for the Nintendo Switch.

Take a look at the full video to see the cabinet being played, as well as the process for creating it.

Nintendo Life reports that Nintendrew took some inspiration from a separate arcade cabinet guide to build the full-sized unit, which includes a 17-inch screen and an integrated Switch dock towards the front of the unit. The cabinet can support two Switch-supported arcade sticks, which is great for those who want to play two-player fighting games or co-operative games. What’s interesting is the addition of a separate drawer that can store a laptop that can be used to play emulators of other games, turning the unit into a MAME cabinet.

As if that wasn’t good enough, the cabinet also has a hidden compact refrigerator door on the front that can be used to store food and drinks. As far as new kinds of ways to play on Nintendo Switch, this arcade cabinet is definitely setting the bar very high.