Many of us are eagerly waiting in anticipation for more details on The Champions’ Ballad, the second DLC for Breath of the Wild. It promises to give more of a backstory to the Champions from Breath of the Wild, and Princess Zelda too. However, details around the second DLC have sadly been limited recently, only wetting our appetites even more. But if you’re yearning to piece together information about Princess Zelda then this puzzle may be the perfect pastime for you!

This Hot Topic exclusive measures 18 by 24 inches and features a beautiful rendition of Princess Zelda. Be warned that it is a 550 piece puzzle so it may be more challenging than The Master Trial’s Master Mode! If you believe that you are up for the challenge then you can order it for $14.95.

Be sure to keep an eye on Zelda Universe for information on The Champions’ Ballad as soon as it is released.

Source Hot Topic