Those of you who have been in engrossed in Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle the last week or so will undoubtedly have heard the brilliant score concocted by Grant Kirkhope. He, of Banjo-Kazooie fame, put together a brilliant soundtrack in his inimitable style for the game, including some stellar reworkings of classic Mario tunes. Now, it seems the industry veteran is setting his sights on giving the legendary Zelda soundtrack the Kirkhope treatment.

In an interview with GamesMaster, Kirkhope said A Link To The Past is his favourite game of all time, and the soundtrack clearly left a mark on him: “My favorite game of all time is Zelda: Link To The Past on the Super NES, that’s without a doubt my favorite game, the soundtrack to that is awesome. That little dungeon tune you have in there, it’s only like a 30-second loop, but you never get tired of hearing it, it’s just so fantastic. And the main theme is just the best in the world, right?”

No arguments there, Mr. Kirkhope! The composer was also pretty effusive when talking about how much he’d love to work on a Zelda game. “I’d love to get on to Zelda, I think. I’ve got to get to touch Zelda somehow. And I can’t imagine it would ever happen, but I would love to mess around with that… It’s just like, I’d love to, that’s never going to happen, right? But Zelda would be awesome. To get to touch something like Zelda would be amazing.”

I think he’s somewhat of a fan. I’m a big fan of Kirkhope’s music, and it would be fascinating to hear his take on some of the classic Zelda arrangements. Maybe there’ll be another spinoff game at some point in the future that could use his talents. In the meantime, if you haven’t played Kingdom Battle yet, have a listen to the superb soundtrack below.

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