“It looks like you won’t be able to use some of the weapons you found as a kid anymore…”

Ah, Navi. How could she have predicted the future gamers who would seek ways to exploit Ocarina of Time’s programming quirks to make such a statement ring false? Nearly eighteen years have passed since the iconic game’s release, yet today players are still learning new ways to cheat the system, so to speak.

The latest Ocarina glitch to come out of the Zelda community removes age restrictions on any item obtained in-game. Ever want to use the Megaton Hammer as young Link? Or maybe you’re fond of the boomerang and don’t want to leave it behind in the past? Follow the steps described in exodus122’s video below and all of your equipment dreams will come true. Just be aware that certain items may crash certain versions of the game — such as equipping a Deku Stick as adult Link when playing the Virtual Console version.

Will you be trying this glitch out? Let us know the new battle strategies you come up with if you do!

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