In the short time that the Nintendo Switch has been out, people all across the world have been modding it left and right with dozens of different designs. The most common theme is, of course, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This new fully custom design for both the Switch itself and the dock takes the cake. Created by YouTuber MakoMod, this absolutely stunning design changes the Switch to look like it was made by the Sheikah themselves.

The dock is made to look like it was carved from stone as well as bearing the Sheikah emblem on it. The Switch itself is a mix of different elements. The Joy-Cons look like they’re made of a hearty wood, the left one bearing the ‘Z’ and master sword from the title logo, and the right one bearing the Triforce on it. The buttons also appear to be made of stone while the Switch itself is painted gold and outlined with the black/gold stone used on the Sheikah slate.

If you think you’re worthy of such a beautiful piece of art, you can purchase the modded Switch from MakoMod’s eBay page. Be warned, however, as this bad boy is currently running at a whopping $783 (about 690 Euros). Check out the video to see the Switch in stunning detail. Now, excuse me while I check if my finances allow me to purchase this, I need to go count the pennies in my piggy bank.