Nintendo received a lot of praise for it’s E3 spotlight and featured games for the Switch. But Nintendo Treehouse’s live streams created a lot of excitement for the 3DS too. The Treehouse live streams showed how important the 3DS it is to Nintendo. Reggie Fils-Aime confirmed this during an interview with IGN during this year’s E3.

Reggie explained that Nintendo are “going to continue to bring new content” to the 3DS. He claimed that the new releases would keep the “device vibrant” and appealing “into 2018 and beyond.” Following the exciting tease for Metroid 4 on the Switch, the Treehouse live stream revealed Metroid: Samus Returns for the 3DS. Fans were certainly excited for this game and found another reason to play the 3DS.

Reggie also revealed that they want to keep the handheld console appealing by continuing “to innovate” the design. He provided the example of the New 2DS XL as a way the company have innovated the original design. Reggie also noted that they’ve designed their handheld consoles in various different colours because “consumers love the variety” available. Plus their new design for the 2DS XL is going to “continue to drive the 3DS platform” and its appeal.

Many fans feared that the 3DS would become obsolete because of the Switch. But Nintendo clearly believe in the 3DS and its lasting appeal. Nintendo are well known for their innovation, and hopefully that can help to maintain the 3DS’ success. Perhaps Nintendo will even consider a new Zelda game for the 3DS, certainly the handheld is still a priority for the company.

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