Nintendo’s E3 spotlight featured Zelda and Breath of the Wild very heavily. Both The Master Trials and The Champions Ballad were previewed during the show, and four new Breath of the Wild amiibo were also announced. amiibo are always in high demand (and usually have limited stock), but Nintendo Prime has listed where you can pre-order each new Champion Amiibo.

The amiibo are currently not on sale, and there’s no confirmed date on when preorders will begin. But knowing where to shop for these Amiibo will give you more of a chance of getting them.

More Zelda amiibo were certainly a welcome surprise at E3, especially as three new Link amiibo were announced not that long ago. There are no details yet on what features the Amiibo will add to the game, but fans of Breath of the Wild have a lot to look forward to with two upcoming DLC packs and seven new amiibo for the game!

What new features are you hoping the amiibo add to the game?

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