Via their E3 site, Nintendo has released a few more details about Breath of the Wild’s first expansion pack, set to release on June 30, 2017.

The detail that will draw a sigh of relief from anyone who has pumped dozens of hours into the game is the fact that should you decide to begin a new game under Master Mode, that save file will be kept separate from your normal save file. There will be no need to delete your old game, or create a separate user to maintain a Master Mode file; meaning you can return to exploring a safer Hyrule if you get in over your head in Master Mode.

Additionally, while we still don’t know if the new armor pieces will offer anything aside from a shot of nostalgia we now know completing the 45-stage Trial of the Sword will grant Link limitless access to the Master Sword’s full power. This means you can break apart all the crates you want with the legendary blade without forcing it to recharge.

Lastly, don’t forget — the second DLC pack, “The Champion’s Ballad” will be arriving this holiday and bringing with it even more content. Hyrule will surely be keeping you occupied for the rest of the year!

Source Nintendo
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