In 2016 the gaming industry was worth $91 billion, and for years now the business has been incredibly lucrative. New consoles from Nintendo such as the Switch or the recently announced New 2DS XL have been met with huge support and excitement. It’s a constantly changing and developing area. China is one market which could be potentially huge for gaming companies, but due to the country’s laws and logistical challenges it has been a struggle to gain a foothold. However it was announced recently that Twilight Princess has been confirmed for release in China, just over 10 years since it was originally released.

Both Sony and Microsoft have tried to break into the Chinese market, but high prices for the systems have put potential customers off. Chinese consumers are much more familiar with their own cheaper systems and gaming options. Likewise China has strict content rules which can make it difficult for games to be approved. Nintendo stated a few years ago that they were exploring options in China, but were yet to make any noteworthy impact in the area. That was until New Super Mario Bros (DS) released earlier this year. There was speculation that this was part of a content-sharing agreement between Nintendo and NVIDIA.

The next game that is set for release in China is Twilight Princess. Niko Partners analyst, Daniel Ahmad, recently tweeted the information regarding exciting news for Zelda fans in China.

China is a market which is not dominated by the leading gaming companies. Without the presence of Microsoft or Sony, Nintendo could have the potential to take China by storm. The partnership with NVIDIA is interesting as Nintendo typically prefers to be in control of its own content and promotion, but this sharing partnership could be the best way to get many Nintendo classics into a new and lucrative area. At the moment NVIDIA and Nintendo seem to be focusing on releasing older, classic games, but surely if this partnership goes well then it won’t be long until the Chinese market gets to experience games like Breath of the Wild. 

Which other games from Nintendo do you think should be released in China?

Source Twitter