We’ve all been there. We’re at one and a half hearts in our heart-o-meter and things are starting to look a little more dangerous. It’s time we start looking for those pesky hearts to regain our health for our next battle. This usually means frantically running away from enemies, cutting every blade of grass in sight, eating “things” and smashing every pot. Luckily, Youtube user Mechafourth has created this amazing animated fan film using the program Source Filmmaker that brings some comic relief to this well used gameplay trope. Titled “Link’s Health Trouble,” the film sees Link trying to hilariously catch that last elusive heart. The film features many of the soundtracks from The Wind Waker, Hyrule Warriors and A Link Between Worlds. It is beautifully animated, and beautifully timed. This story is full of heart (sorry) and a great example of a fan film and I urge you to check it out.

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