Breath of the Wild is perhaps one of the most beautiful games ever made. In every direction of the map there is always something new to discover or see. The world has been beautifully formed with graphics specially designed to help create a sense of realism. The day and night cycle perfectly plays into the sense of adventure, and the weather truly impacts Link’s adventure like never before.

However the impact that rain can have in the game has left some annoyed with its effects. Rain makes travelling very difficult, with climbing becoming near impossible. Some have even argued the game would be better off without rain — or at least without the effects of precipitation. Yet one of the most debated aspects for Breath of the Wild also has one of the most stunning and realistic after-effects.

It has been discovered that once rain has fallen the water will form in puddles of different sizes depending on how much rain fell. Even more impressively, the water will then slowly evaporate and clear. This level of detail is something which is rarely seen in any other game franchise, and really shows the true dedication of the developers.

Exploration, adventure and freedom are perhaps the most important elements to Breath of the Wild. With this attention to detail and realism the world feels more alive than ever. There may not be a Song of Storms in the game, but this feature might make you wish it was included.

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  • Ryan

    This game is amazing. It is easy to see why it was in development for so long. I don’t want to play the version that should have released in 2015.

  • Tyler Dean

    to be fair, it does make climbing harder, but it makes shield surfing ALOT faster.

    • Dusk

      and electric weapons more hurty

  • Henrique Tavares

    I have this faint hope that one day someone will find an item that can change weather. I feel it kinda doesn’t make sense not to have one.

    • Matthew Krankall

      If only the Song of Storms existed in BotW..

      • HeroofTime123

        More like a Song of No Storms.

    • SoundersTID

      If you want to get technical, the wizzrobes can change weather with their elemental rods. If you leave a wizzrobe with a thunder rod alive long enough it can start a thunderstorm, which will go away when you kill it.

  • Abe Bhardwaj

    You can also use the rain to mask your footsteps when around enemies. It makes it harder for them to detect you. :3

    • Reece Heather

      I learn new things about this game every day. I guess this is today’s lesson!

  • MinishDude

    They have dynamic weather like that in the online game, Black Desert Online…. during rain, it will start to flow downhill and pool up (I was really amazed the first time I played it, because the only other game I had seen with accumulation like that was GTA V). Although thunderstorms in BDO aren’t deadly (at least from my experience).

  • smcrzgi

    i kinda wish they would have made it so there was a certain food or something that would help with climbing in the rain…. not something like clothing cuz thats really permanent, but say you could cook up something sticky that would help. that would have been a very welcome feature.

  • Coactus

    Climbing in rain just consumes more stamina.

    Here’s how.

    When I say CLIMB, I mean link puts one hand to a higher hold, so like taking a climbing step.

    *Slide down a bit*

    You’ll make consistent progress. Its just about identifying when you’re going to slide down, and leaping right beforehand so you profit on the climb distance vs the slide distance.

    It’s inconvenient. That’s it.

    People need to quit being crybabies.

    The frustration comes from expecting to be told exactly how to deal with a mechanic in the game. BOTW doesn’t do this.

    But – SHOCKINGLY! – For most cases, if you apply the reasoning you would to this particular thing IRL, most of the time, the same logic holds true.

    • jadedoel

      Swing from a hairy vine, I can be your backpack while you CLIMB

  • Bob

    The game isn’t that groundbreaking to be honest. Average at best. GTA has similar weather effects and the witcher 3 and mass effect andromeda have better story and gameplay.

  • notovny

    Rain also puts out the fuses on bomb arrows. If you see videos where a player has hundreds of bomb arrows, they probably got them from farming an enemy encampment that fires bomb arrows on a rainy morning, over and over again.

  • jacob

    I just wish they included a way to stop it eventually, a la the song of storms