Breath of the Wild is perhaps one of the most beautiful games ever made. In every direction of the map there is always something new to discover or see. The world has been beautifully formed with graphics specially designed to help create a sense of realism. The day and night cycle perfectly plays into the sense of adventure, and the weather truly impacts Link’s adventure like never before.

However the impact that rain can have in the game has left some annoyed with its effects. Rain makes travelling very difficult, with climbing becoming near impossible. Some have even argued the game would be better off without rain — or at least without the effects of precipitation. Yet one of the most debated aspects for Breath of the Wild also has one of the most stunning and realistic after-effects.

It has been discovered that once rain has fallen the water will form in puddles of different sizes depending on how much rain fell. Even more impressively, the water will then slowly evaporate and clear. This level of detail is something which is rarely seen in any other game franchise, and really shows the true dedication of the developers.

Exploration, adventure and freedom are perhaps the most important elements to Breath of the Wild. With this attention to detail and realism the world feels more alive than ever. There may not be a Song of Storms in the game, but this feature might make you wish it was included.

Source Reddit
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