The Triforce has again been stolen by Ganondorf. It’s up to you to solve the puzzles that lead to the Master Sword, allowing you to rescue Princess Zelda and save the land. Sounds like a classic Zelda game, right? Well the land you will be saving could be Canada, and once again you won’t be alone: you’ll have a group of five other members to help you solve these puzzles. It’s the Zelda-based escape room we’ve all been waiting for!

Nintendo has partnered with SCRAP, the designers of many award winning escape rooms, to create a Legend of Zelda escape room. Within these (approximate) 1.5 hour sessions you’ll get to interact with items and characters from the Zelda franchise. Furthermore these items and characters can help your group find the Master Sword and take down Ganondorf. The Real Escape Game Producer for SCRAP, Doc Preuss, has stated, “We wanted to make sure Defenders of the Triforce felt as authentic as possible” which is why they’ve kept so many conventions from the franchise.

Fans in Canada will be excited to hear that Canadian dates have been added:

  • Toronto – May 10-14
  • Ottawa – TBA
  • Montreal – June 8-11, 14-16
  • Calgary – TBA
  • Edmonton – TBA
  • Vancouver – Jul 5-9

Tickets are available to order here. Make sure you check out the silver and gold packages available, with a poster and special coins included. Order soon to get a special 5% early bird discount (date varies according to the venue).

While in Canada get some maple syrup too, I hear it goes well with Mighty Bananas and has surprising results.

Update: Those previous “TBA” dates have now been filled, and some new dates have been added to the lineup. Check out the updated list below. [-Reece]

  • Toronto – May 10-14
  • Ottawa – May 27-30
  • Montreal (English) – June 8-11
  • Montreal (French) – June 14-16
  • Edmonton – June 23-25
  • Calgary – June 30 – July 2
  • Vancouver – Jul 5-9