If you have already beaten Breath of the Wild and paid attention to the ending credits of the game, you may have noticed that a couple of foreigners are on the Japanese team that worked on the game. One of these was Corey Bunnell, who worked on wildlife programming for the game. The inspiring thing about him, however, is that his ambitious beginnings as an 18-year-old high school graduate are on the internet for everyone to see — on a forum post.

A curious fan on Twitter saw his name on the credits, and decided to do a quick Google search on his name, only to find a ten year-old forum post in which he explains his dream of moving to Japan, acing the Japanese language proficiency test, and working for Nintendo as a game designer in the future. Fast forward ten years later, and that dream actually came true. Click to enlarge the picture.

As we graduate from high school, we all have dreams and ambitions we want to achieve, but sadly, for most it remains just that — a dream. However, Bunnell’s story should serve as inspiration for everyone to follow their dreams no matter how big or ridiculous they may sound to anyone else. With great effort and determination, any dream we propose ourselves may come true, and for those looking to work in game design for the big companies out there, Bunnell has become living evidence that, yes, you can.

Kudos to Corey Bunnell for achieving his dream!

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