The amount of details, hidden mechanics, quests, and Easter eggs in Breath of the Wild is staggering. It seems every day brings a new quirk or discovery that makes the game even better than it already is. Amidst all of this mining for secrets, Seaniccus believes he has found a touching tribute to late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata.

In a two-part video, Seaniccus presents strong evidence that an NPC in Breath of the Wild has connections to the beloved, departed president. Botrick, as the NPC is named, has a familiar hairstyle and square glasses… but the evidence goes much deeper than simple resemblance. For the full rundown on everything Seaniccus has discovered, check out the videos below — but be warned the second, more in-depth video has a few spoilers within it.

If you weren’t a believer before, have these videos convinced you? Let us know your thoughts on this potential tribute, and be sure to give Seaniccus a Like and perhaps even subscribe to his channel in support of his content.

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