Happy Friday everyone! This week has been an exciting one, filled with new adventures as Link embarks on his new journey in Breath of the Wild. With a dual release of a new Zelda game along with a shiny new console, Nintendo sales are soaring to record-breaking heights. According to multiple online sources, the Nintendo Switch is beating out first two-day sales of any other Nintendo console ever. Breath of the Wild has been proven to be a visually stunning masterpiece that has captured the heart containers of many Zelda fans across the globe.  

Tumblr user routexx, a 17-year old artist from California, posted their interpretations of Breath of the Wild‘s Link and Zelda on their account about 4 days ago. When I stumbled upon these pieces for the first time, I was honestly blown away. The similar colors seen both on Zelda and Link connects them even more and serves as an illusion to their overlapping paths. I fell in love with the soft textures and blending of such bright colors in these pieces; one of my favorite parts about each character is the amount of detail that went into bringing their eyes to life. I adore these pieces of fanart, and I encourage you all to check out routexx‘s Tumblr and Twitter account for more dazzling art!