Since the Amiibo figurines were first announced for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild, many gamers, including myself, have been curious as to the exact purpose that each one will serve in-game. The Wolf Link figurine has already been confirmed to provide Link a temporary companion in game that can have upgraded health by upgrading Link’s own health and saving at the end of the Cave of Shadows dungeon in The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess HD. The time to discover the functionality of Breath of The Wild series Amiibo has come, as Nintendo of Europe has released an official statement on the benefits each Amiibo brings to the game. The Amiibo series will also be released March 3, the same day as the Nintendo Switch console and Breath of The Wild.

According to their statements, the archer variant of the Link amiibo “will grant you a random amount of fish and meat, and you may also receive a useful bow or arrow!” I personally feel that the emphasis on the bow could perhaps be a bit stronger, but nonetheless this seems incredibly useful for the cooking process newly added into this title.

The Rider Link variant of the figurine “will give you a random amount of mushrooms, a weapon, or perhaps an item for your horse!” I don’t know about everyone else, but a new saddle variation seems highly likely. I’m curious if an item such as this will directly affect a horse’s stats.

The Guardian Amiibo will apparently drop useful items for the player located inside of large metal containers. These containers may also contain “ancient parts” which are still a mystery to everyone, but are likely to be incredibly useful as the game progresses.

The Zelda Amiibo based on Hyrule’s adorable princess “will reward you a random selection of plants or even a shield!” Given her seemingly close ties to the natural world in the trailers this doesn’t sound like quite the stretch. It appears that the majority of these incredibly detailed figurines will add quite the survival based inventory for players looking to use them for in-game rewards.

The feisty looking nuisance that is the Bokoblin can’t be excluded either, the Amiibo based on this type of enemy “will give you a variety of meat and maybe his favourite weapon!” Towards the end of the statement is is also noted that “there are many other amiibo that you can use on this adventure that’ll grant you a random amount of meat or fish in-game!” Now, I personally see this as Nintendo hinting that amiibo based on other Legend of Zelda games may have also been given a role in benefiting the player on this adventure, though the exact amiibo that are also compatible with the game have yet to be confirmed.

How excited is everyone about the Amiibo? The game launches in less than a week, so everyone better start getting prepared!