Escape games both online and live are something that I have personally found countless hours of enjoyment in. Never once had I imagined that a Legend of Zelda-inspired LIVE Escape Game would be created, but it has and it is certainly a game to remember. Defenders of the Triforce events focus on teams of players who must cooperate to solve puzzles, obtain the Master Sword, and attempt to stop Ganondorf from claiming the Triforce.

The official site for the events, Scrapzelda, has released a series of sample puzzles titled the Puzzle Dungeon.  After taking some time to work through the small variety of puzzles provided — which includes deciphering a code, matching odd shapes, and other logic based puzzles — I genuinely feel that the challenges presented at the events will fill players with a sense of adventure. For the teams fortunate enough to overcome the obstacles before them, the title Defenders of the Triforce awaits.