Continuing their steady flow of new Zelda content, Game Informer’s Ben Hanson recently released another interview he had with Shigeru Miyamoto and Eiji Aonuma. The interview is concerning the importance of story in games, as well as Aonuma’s little “trick” regarding Breath of the Wild’s story and its implementation.

Miyamoto begins by stating that even though he has said in the past that story doesn’t matter, he didn’t mean that story was unimportant or unnecessary. He feels that it gives games “meat” and substance, but laments that it can easily be constricting and the set-up may frustrate players who just want to jump into the game. Aonuma shares Miyamoto’s sentiments, but mentions how it can enhance the experience, such as with Link and his interactions with certain characters in Ocarina of Time. They both feel that Breath of the Wild lets the player craft their own story.

Along those lines, one might wonder how an open-world Zelda would incorporate story elements, which Aonuma answers by mentioning his “trick” for Breath of the Wild. While he doesn’t disclose what it is, he mentions it’s an idea he’s had for over 20 years. It is revealed, however, that it is very possible to skip over a good chunk of the game’s cutscenes. The amount of story each player experiences depends on how much of it they look for and Aonuma notes that, should some players not unearth too much of the story on their initial playthrough, they can play again and see what they missed.

The full interview can be viewed below: