Previously, the Legend of Zelda Facebook page shared with its followers a screenshot of Link arriving to a Shrine. The image was a familiar one to anyone who has seen anything of the Breath of the Wild coverage since E3 2016, leaving some to wonder if we would see anymore fresh images before the game’s release on March 3. Well, the Facebook page has delivered with a mysterious image showing Link standing before a peculiar tree stump. At first glance the screenshot looks simple enough, but there are layers of intrigue that can be found here.

breath of the wild korok stump

One’s thoughts at once go to the Koroks — the evolution of the Kokiri Tribe — first introduced in The Wind Waker and confirmed to return in Breath of the Wild. A side quest in Wind Waker had Link taking Forest Water around the Great Sea to revive the wilting saplings the Koroks were attempting to grow from the Great Deku Tree’s seeds. We already know Korok Seeds are an item Link can acquire in Breath of the Wild by finding Koroks hidden around the world, and the leaf symbol etched into this stump has what appears to be seed-shaped slots.

Could this be where the seeds are used? If so, what will be the result of collecting them? Perhaps the stump will once more become a tree. After all, the green leaves on its lone branch indicate there’s life in it yet despite the barren environment that surrounds it. Or maybe Link will get an item or an upgrade with each set of seeds collected. Maybe this is how the stamina gauge or Runes can be improved upon.

The mystery surrounding the stump is one puzzling aspect of this screenshot, but there’s one more that may not have caught your eye. If you look closely at Link’s left ear, you’ll find his blue earring has been replaced by something else. It looks almost like a pearl earring, but I doubt it’s a simple style choice. Perhaps like Prince Ralis’s coral earring or the Fireshield Earrings, this accessory serves a plot purpose or provides a boon to Link.

We can only speculate on the stump and earring for now while we count the days until we learn for sure. What are your thoughts on these two mysterious aspects of the screenshot? Do you think they could be related to one another? Share your theories with us!