In a more mysterious snippet from Eiji Aonuma’s recent Game Informer interview, the Zelda series producer teases a new “element” introduced in Breath of the Wild that has been in the pipeline for over two decades.

“In order to create more of a cohesive storyline, we added this element in there that will make it a bit more streamlined for every player. This is something I can’t reveal right now, but when you play you will find out. This idea that I am talking about is actually something I came up with when I first started developing the games. I have been harvesting this idea for 20-plus years.”

Twenty years is a long time, so whatever this mechanic is, it must be very interesting indeed for Aonuma to hold onto it for so long.

  • Ganjo

    I *think* the mechanic he is talking about is actually the memories system, which was “leaked” (in that it has never been officially discussed, and perhaps wasn’t intended to be seen) from the Switch event demo. Essentially, the player might play through the game while slowly unlocking a segments of a full movie which explains numerous events which happened in the past, building up to a climatic battle against Ganon. It might be possible to ‘brute force’ your way into a particular dungeon, but the ‘proper’ way might involve learning about the area by witnessing Link’s memories of the people who lived there. I think this has a lot of potential..

    • rafael

      i thought that too when he first mentioned that a few weeks before, but he makes it sound like its something groundbreaking and extraordinary, which i dont think it qualifies…unless maybe you can unlock a full cohesive movie, i dont know

  • tacticute

    George Lucas of Zelda