I must admit, I’m a little old-fashioned; I love to see the hero and the princess fall in love at the end of a story, and this is wonderfully portrayed by Pineapplelicious in her work, “Retro Cuties”.

What I love most about this piece is that it pays tribute to the original Link and Zelda. I find art depicting the classic princess and hero to be quite scarce these days (more so of Zelda than Link), so I find it really refreshing to see drawings of these two — especially when they are together.

The artwork itself is very simplistic and clean, making it all the more adorable. The chalky outlines and the simple shading give it such an innocent feel. The happiness shown on each character’s face gives me a warm feeling inside and their touching hands is just icing on the cake! I also admire how the artist, while maintaining their own personal style, pays attention to prominent details from the original designs, most noticeably Link’s hair and nose.

Whenever I see this drawing, I can’t help but feel happy. The joy is clearly expressed by Link and Zelda, and it makes me grin as well. I enjoy seeing dark and gritty renditions of the original Legend of Zelda in fan art, but seeing such light-hearted pieces like this is so invigorating. Sometimes we just need a little break from all the monsters and dungeons and enjoy the little moments like this.

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