If you, like me, were a child of the 1980’s you might remember those choose-your-own-adventure novels found in your school libraries. These novels saw you skipping between various sections of the book as you tried to solve puzzles and find the best endings. You might have seen things like these recently with the Kickstarter projects To Be Or Not To Be: That Is the Adventure and Romeo and/or Juliet.

Nintendo released several of these books long ago during the NES era of games when Nintendo merchandise was one of the coolest things to own. However, as the years have passed these books have largely fallen by the wayside, forgotten by all save those who owned them.

Fortunately, that’s not the case any longer! Reader Matt Austin created his own programming project to reintroduce these books to the modern Zelda fan. His game allows players to either play as Link in the book The Shadow Prince or Princess Zelda in the book The Crystal Trap.

These new versions of the retro novels include one thing that the original books didn’t have: a soundtrack to set the mood, and sound effects to heighten the impact of certain events. The original books also provided readers with a page used to keep track of their progress through the book — or, in other words, a way to “save their game.” Matt’s game has the same capacity, allowing you to keep track of Link or Zelda’s inventory as well as a calculator to keep track of your score on your way to be the best adventurer in the land.

If you’re interested in playing these books — or just want to read through them — you can download Matt’s game here. And while it may be dangerous to go alone, you should be fine on this particular journey.