In an interview with IGN Portugal, Aonuma confirmed that the option to change the voice acting language will not be implemented in Breath of the Wild for the Switch. Whilst it is still technically possible to change voices by Switching™ your consoles system language, there will no way to get English subtitles, not to mention the rest of your system will be in your language of choice.

“In the case of Nintendo Switch, if you change the language of the system, you can change the game to Japanese, but that will change everything to Japanese,” Aonuma said. “Unfortunately, it is not possible to play with English text, for example, and Japanese voices.”

This is a smack in the face of the many fans hoping to play the game with the original Japanese voices that were showcased in Nintendo’s Switch presentation last week.

Recently Youtuber GeekSplash put together a video comparing the trailer in every language. This fueled debate as to whether fans will be able to choose their language of choice, with many already committed to playing in Japanese.

It looks like that dream will be limited to those who actually speak the language. With Breath of the Wild only six weeks away, there may still time to learn.

  • Dei

    Doesn’t matter to me. I’ll just fetch a WUP with undub to Latam audio and keeping English text.

    • Dr.C


  • Naruhina4554

    lol, i just play in my mother lang, latam spanish, the best dub!

  • Carlos Martínez

    English is OK, Japanese is glorious, Latin spanish is awesome, German sound like a tale told by a grandma before sleep.

  • Dan0709

    They better apply a patch to make it happen, that smack in the face is way too strong dude…

  • David K.

    While I was hoping for the option to have audio in one language and subtitles/text in the other, to call it “a smack in the face of the many fans” is unfair and hyperbolic. A disappointment sure, but software development involves prioritization and that Nintendo chose to focus its resources on other aspects of the game instead of a feature that would likely appeal to a very small subset of fans is hardly an insult to them.

    Nintendo never promised a feature like that, there wasn’t even an expectation of voice acting at all up until the presentation earlier this month. It doesn’t take away from the core experience in anyway and there is no evidence to suggest ill will or negative intent in making this decision. To treat it as an insult to fans is simply unjustified from where I sit. Its a reasonable choice to be made given limited time, resources, and the relative low priority it will be for the majority of gamers.

    It also overlooks a key piece of news, that you will be able to change the language of a system. For expats like me this is great news. It means I’ll be able to buy the system locally and not have to wait extra weeks for one to ship from home! I can’t wait for the switch and for Breath of the Wild, no matter what language I can play it in.

    • Tasorius

      “if you change the language of the system, you can change the game to Japanese, but that will change everything to Japanese”
      So both languages are there, but you can’t cross between different languages and subtitles…
      That’s what’s a smack in the face.
      It’s such an easy thing, and because they didn’t do that, the hype is dead for me.

      • You assume it’s an easy thing to do.

        • Tasorius

          It should be easy if there is a good system behind it.
          They can do it with movies and games shouldn’t be very different, when it comes to subtitles.
          If there are subtitles, it should be easy to switch them to a different language.
          The same goes for menus.
          Several other games do that.

  • as long as i can play in english (voice & sub) on my german switch I’m happy.
    My consoles all set to english language by default.
    I always play games in english except for german titles, due to the really bad german translations.

  • Kinda breaks immersion tbh. The characters are meant to be speaking Hylian so hearing a language other than your own can help enhance the experience.