“Open your eyes.”

These three words sent a collective shiver down the backs of Zelda fans when we first heard them during Nintendo’s E3 2016 presentation, and they were the last three words spoken in the newest trailer that got those same fans’ hearts pumping in excitement. Whether you’re for or against voice acting, something can be said about how a feature in games that we’ve taken for granted for decades sparks hope for change in the latest Zelda installment, Breath of the Wild.

In the video below, GeekSplash takes a look at those varied voice acting segments from the new trailer. From English to Russian, every confirmed language is stacked up against each other for comparison. The trailer is at its best in the beginning when we hear an old woman speak of the Royal Family, followed by lines from the Great Deku Tree and an unseen man. In these longer segments we get a better grasp of the emotional weight to the words in each language.

I personally find the Japanese voice-over the most expressive of the lot, and it fits well with Breath of the Wild’s Japanese-influenced animation. It makes me hope rumors of a Japanese option turn out to be true. Which language do you prefer — your native one, or another? Share your thoughts with us!

  • Anthony Stargaryen

    I prefer the option “voice acting off” so I can imagine for myself what the voices sound like.

    • Oscar Yasser Garcia Juallek

      The voice clips in past games where always abundant enough so there was an objective way the character would sound if they talked. I always found that preference a little odd.

      • Vladislak

        Well technically even with the little voice noises they made in some of the games you could still imagine a variety of different ways they say something.

        Where do they place the emphasis on their words? Did they choose to say something in a lower tone than normal or higher?

        So there was still a great deal of potential for imagination effecting how they sound. The little clips just gave you a starting point by telling you more or less what kind of voice it was.

        That said I don’t have a big deal with occasional voice acting even in Zelda games, but I do prefer the Japanese voice acting so far since it seems more expressive.

    • Dave

      Do you watch movies on mute with closed captioning on because you prefer to imagine voices? I’ll never understand why anyone would prefer mute characters in a cinematic format.

  • Ryan Haney

    Cool! It is interesting to hear it in other languages.
    I’m very happy about this.

  • Darec Om

    Even though my native language (Latin Spanish) sounds great, I prefer Japanese or English, they sound more expressive and fluid than mine (Japanese it’s the best option to choose for me)

  • Luigio21

    I’m going between English (Native) and German (What I’m learning) for language. English seems more expressive in general but the German one isn’t half bad. Japanese is Japanese and, despite how samey it can sound, it’s a good samey because it fits well with the scenes

  • Morzathoth

    Japanese sounds the best (No surprise there), English sounds alright.

    I like Latin Spanish and Russian too for some reason.

  • antoton

    I weirdly liked the Latin Spanish one a lot, mostly because one of the voices sounded like the narrator/king from Pan’s Labyrinth. Other than that, I’m really on board with the English one. Zelda sounds mature, what I can’t say about the Japanese one.

    • Ethan Kelley

      I thought the voice of the Spain Spanish made me think of Pan’s Labyrinth more. I can’t tell which one I’d rather play though. I hope you can choose any language instead of it being region locked or something.

  • Rohan Willoughby

    As much as I want to do it in English, I’m probably going to do Japanese if it’s an option, simply because it’s the most well done emotions wise

    • Ethan Kelley

      I hope they give an English sub option for the Japanese language.

  • J Cesar Chavez

    In Mexican Spanish is the same voice actor as the one who made Uranai Baba in DB. lol

  • Dominic Hin

    Not gonna lie, I honestly don’t know which voice-over I’d prefer to listen to for my first [of many] play-throughs in BotW…

    Personally, I found that the V.O.s for both Impa(?) & the Deku Great all sounded natural in each language, though the German Impa(?) sounded significantly older to me.

    However, I couldn’t help but feel that Zelda’s dialogue was the main divisive factor.
    Out of the 3 “samples” we got from the titular character – Talking, Crying & “Open Your Eyes” – I couldn’t help but feel that each language option fell a bit flat in 1 or 2 of them.
    (English sounded flat in the former pair; Japanese oversold the crying, whilst speaking in an unnaturally high pitch for the latter; and I won’t go into the others since I never really learnt them, but I will say that both the Spanish & Latino dubs undoubtedly won the award for “Best Crying”)

    Other than that, I couldn’t help but laugh at how different the Spanish & German dubs for the Goron sounded from their counterparts.

    • Dominic Hin

      With all that said, I will tip my proverbial hat, before squealing in glee and astonishment until I pass out from overexcitement, if there happens to be a “Hylian” voice option.
      (Think of the garbled chatter used by Fi & Midna, but on a grand scale.)

  • forgot

    Japanese and Spanish dubs were the best. French is a close third but unfortunately the audio is a little quiet so it’s kind of hard to understand what they are saying.

  • Ana F.O

    I didn’t know that there will be latin spanish, that’s cool because is my language XD, but I think I’ll probably use japanese, don’t know what I would choose in the very moment though 🙂

  • Davian_Thule

    It is hard to chose which voice-over I like the most, I think they are all great, though I will use English (Native) when I first play it, then change the language during other attempts for fun

  • Del Sydebothom

    No Latin. I want it in Latin.

  • Magoto

    Latin, Japanese and Italian are the most faithful. What I find rather inaccurate is the french deku tree.