“Open your eyes.”

These three words sent a collective shiver down the backs of Zelda fans when we first heard them during Nintendo’s E3 2016 presentation, and they were the last three words spoken in the newest trailer that got those same fans’ hearts pumping in excitement. Whether you’re for or against voice acting, something can be said about how a feature in games that we’ve taken for granted for decades sparks hope for change in the latest Zelda installment, Breath of the Wild.

In the video below, GeekSplash takes a look at those varied voice acting segments from the new trailer. From English to Russian, every confirmed language is stacked up against each other for comparison. The trailer is at its best in the beginning when we hear an old woman speak of the Royal Family, followed by lines from the Great Deku Tree and an unseen man. In these longer segments we get a better grasp of the emotional weight to the words in each language.

I personally find the Japanese voice-over the most expressive of the lot, and it fits well with Breath of the Wild’s Japanese-influenced animation. It makes me hope rumors of a Japanese option turn out to be true. Which language do you prefer — your native one, or another? Share your thoughts with us!