Princess Zelda has had many different incarnations and appearances throughout the Legend of Zelda series, and one particular design of hers that I often find overlooked is that of Four Swords Adventures. It is rather unfortunate seeing as it is quite a delightful look for the Princess (at least in my eyes), which is why it is so thrilling to see as Teafauna’s “Princess Zelda” fanart of this incarnation.

Teafauna draws the timid Princess wonderfully using layers of shading, which I find incredibly captivating. The layers in the hair particularly draw my attention. They are completely distinct from one another but complement one another wonderfully. In the official Four Sword Adventures artwork Zelda’s hair appears to be straight and smooth, whereas the artist gave her hair more volume and curls, which I think was a great decision. It really coincides well with the bashful appearance she displays in the portrait.

As well as modifying the hair, the artist also plays with Zelda’s eye color. Since Four Sword Adventures uses the “toon” designs introduced in Wind Waker, the eyes in the official artwork are plain black. This art incorporates purple irises and pupils that work well with the warm color scheme. There is no pure black with the exception of the pupils, giving it this summer-like glow.

All and all, the art in general feels so connected. The expression, colors, and style all work in harmony, creating the lovely piece of art we see above.