With news of Breath of the Wild’s release potentially a mere month away we’re beginning to see signs of Nintendo’s marketing for it — and few things are as effective as official merchandise to hype up a new game.

NCSX, who recently opened pre-orders for imported Breath of the Wild keychains, now has a pair of pocket watches available to order. The watches come in two styles: one blue with official Breath of the Wild art, and a black style with Skyward Sword’s Gate of Time in gold. Both watches are priced at $20.90/£16.62 each with a diameter of 2.95in/7.5cm, and are expected to ship in April.

Don’t rush to adjust your timeline theories based on this merchandise! Whether or not Breath of the Wild has any direct connection to Skyward Sword remains to be seen. We’ll need to wait until January at the earliest to learn more about this anticipated game.