If your set of keys or bag could use a touch of Breath of the Wild, then you’re in luck. Bandai is releasing a set of “mascot swings” in Japan, and they’re available for pre-order to Westerners through Shop NCSX.

breath of the wild keychain set

For $19.90 you get four keychains and one Master Sword prop. There are chibi versions of Link both with and without his hood, the “Z” logo for Breath of the Wild, and a silhouette of Link in mid-leap with bow drawn. Each piece measures 3.5cm tall and is made of soft PVC.

The keychains are set to release in March 2017 — the same month many Zelda fans are hoping Breath of the Wild releases, alongside the Nintendo Switch. Will you be pre-ordering this set along with the game?

SourceShop NCSX