As the saying goes, What’s old is new again.

Vinyl records have made a comeback in recent years as a surge of yearning for the retro and nostalgic drives consumers both young and old to reclaiming parts of the past via modern means. Everything from vintage rock albums to newly-Kickstarted musical projects are taking advantage of the reborn media, so it’s little surprise another classic from the past is joining in.

Engadget has reported a vinyl collection of the Ocarina of Time soundtrack, titled Hero of Time, is in the works from iam8bit, and is set to release in the second quarter of 2017. But these aren’t your childhood MIDI tracks. A 64-piece orchestra went into this collection, breathing new life into each song. Coupled with the music is the beautiful art that graces every inch of the album.

hero of time vinyl album fold

hero of time vinyl album sleeves

hero of time vinyl album disc art

Pre-orders open on December 9, 2016, at 10:00am PST. The collection will set you back $40, but to sweeten the deal it includes the digital soundtrack that will release in the first half of 2017. Let us know if you plan on adding this album to your vinyl collection — if you’ll be starting your own collection with it!

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