The NES Classic Edition’s launch was today, and already it’s echoing the Wii’s notable launch — you can’t find it anywhere. The fans who weren’t quick enough to snag an online pre-order have taken to standing in long lines at their local retailers, only to discover most stores received a small handful of stock. I myself went to pick up a different game this morning at my local GameStop and learned only nine of the consoles were delivered to them.

Similar stories are all over social media, leaving fans worried and angry. Not only are they concerned about not finding an NES Classic Edition by the holidays, but many think this may bode ill for when the Switch launches in March. Fortunately, Nintendo of America has spoken out on the shortages, assuring fans more consoles will be on the way.

Nintendo of Australia, too, has reassured their hungry followers that at least one more shipment of NES Classic Editions will be arriving by December.

I recall how hard it was to find a Wii for my siblings’ Christmas gift when the system first launched, but eventually the stock began to meet the demand. No doubt it may be equally hard to snag one of these adorable consoles for a while, but keep your hopes up that Nintendo has learned from both the Wii and “Amiibogeddon.”