We’re rounding off our Halloweek with this incredibly fitting photo from Deviantart user, johwee, who has carved this beauty of a pumpkin to celebrate both Halloween and the upcoming release of Breath of the Wild!


Officially titled, ‘Wake Up, Link – Sheikah Slate Pumpkin’, I have to admit that I’m absolutely in love with this. I love the clean, simple lines and the wonderfully mystical look, back-lit as it is by candlelight. Since first seeing the Sheikah Eye on the talking clocks in Ocarina of Time I’ve always found the symbol rather creepy, and imagining this burning golden eye staring at me from a dimly lit porch does nothing to quell that at all!

In fairness, the simplicity of the Sheikah Eye hardly scratches the surface of johwee’s talents — I greatly recommend you head over to her page and check out some of the other fantastic pumpkins she’s carved.

With All Hallows Eve supposedly the time when magic is at its strongest in our world, it had me pondering the teaser-trailers we’ve seen for Link’s upcoming adventure in the wilderness and the suggestions at the impressive powers at his disposal. While Link has always relied on his guile, a handful of hidden artefacts and a strong sword arm, perhaps Breath of the Wild will be the game where the mystical elements of the series really come to the fore. I’m greatly looking forward to getting back to the roots of being a true adventurer — foraging to survive, defending myself from wandering creatures and unleashing ancient powers upon my enemies!

How do you feel about the thought of Link potentially becoming more of mystic in the upcoming game and what sort of spells do you hope our hero-in-green can wield?